Frequently asked questions

It is often helpful to enlarge a template or to make a copy of the pattern, for example to be able to cross off rows. You may copy pages for such purposes from your own book/instructions for your own use.

The distribution of copies is not permitted in any case.

Since most of our authors don’t want this, the commercial sale of jewelry made from our books is not permitted. (Commercial sale = Jewelry made for selling)

You are a teacher and you would like to teach in our location? Please write us a note:

In general it is not allowed to teach classes with our books. Please ask, because most of our authors would like to come to you.

By now we are not planning to publish more books.

Unfortunately bead tubes can’t use again. We would have to clean them deeply and this isn’t possible. Please dispose them suitable.

If you own a brick and mortar store ore your own onlineshop with your own domain (not a selling platform), write us a email with your address and your business licence to:

We do not have a brick and mortar store. You can reach us 24/7 online.

Sorts of beads

Seed beads or rocailles

Available in different sizes (see table below).


Cylindrical shaped seed beads in different sizes. The speciality is the big hole and the regularity in size.

Mini drops

Very uniform small drop beads. Normal drops 3,4mm and mini drops 2,8mm.

Magatama drops

Very uniform drops in 4mm.

Cube beads

Three sizes: 1,8mm, 3mm and 4 mm

Bugle beads

Very uniform tube shaped beads.

Bugle beads twisted

A twisted bugle bead.

Tila beads

Flat bead with two holes. Tila bead also available in half or quarter size.

Bead sizes

Miyuki Delica 15/0, small – about 1,3 mm in diameter, width about 1,15 mm.
Miyuki Delica 11/0 – about 1,6 mm in diameter, width about 1,3 mm (20 beads made one inch)
Miyuki Delica 10/0, medium – about 2,1mm in diameter, width about 1,7mm.
Miyuki Delica 08/0, large – about 3mm in diameter, width about 2,6mm.

Miyuki seed beads (Rocailles) 15/0 – about 1,5mm in diameter.
Miyuki seed bead (Rocailles) 11/0 – about 2,0mm in diameter.
Miyuki seed beads (Rocailles) 08/0 – about 3,0mm in diameter.
Miyuki seed beads (Rocailles) 06/0 – about 4,0mm in diameter.

Miyuki drops – 3,4mm
Miyuki Magatama – 4mm.
Miyuki long Magatama – about 4mm x 7mm.

Miyuki sharp triangle 5/0 – 4,2mm.
Miyuki sharp Triangle 8/0 – 2,6mm.
Miyuki sharp triangle 10/0 – 2,2mm.

Miyuki Tila beads – 5 x 5 x 1,9 mm.

Miyuki berry beads – 2,5mm x 4,5mm

Bead count per 1 gramm

Miyuki Delica 11/0 about 200 pieces.
Miyuki Delica 08/0 about 30 pieces.

Miyuki Rocailles 15/0 about 250 pieces.
Miyuki Rocailles 11/0 about 110 pieces.
Miyuki Rocailles 08/0 about 39 pieces.
Miyuki Rocailles 06/0 about 12 pieces.

Miyuki drops about 18 pieces.

Miyuki cube beads 3mm about 21 pieces.
Miyuki cube beads 4mm about 10 pieces.

Miyuki Tila beads about 11 pieces.

Miyuki abbreviations

CICCeylon, inside colored
D diyed
DCDuracoat: Durable coating
DCGDuracoat, galvanised
DCGMaDuracoat, galvanised, matted
DCSLDuracoat, silver lined
DCOpDuracoat, opaque
GDGalvanised, diyed
GoLGold colored luster coating
ICInside colored
ICLInside colored with luster coating
ICMixInside colored, multi color
ICRInside colored, rainbow
LLuster coating
MABMatted, bronce
MAGDMatted, galvanised, diyed
MAGoLMatted, gold luster
MAOPMatted, opaque
MARMatted, rainbow
MATMatted, transparent
MATDMatted, transparent, diyed
MBMetallic, bronce
MBRMetallic, bronce, rainbow
MLMetallic, Luster coating
MMAMatted, metallic
MMALMatted, metallic, luster coating
MMARMatted, metallic, rainbow
MRMetallic, rainbow
OCLOpal, copper lined
OGLOpal, gold lined
OPGoLOpaque, gold colored luster coating
OPGoLROpaque, gold colored rainbow coating
OPLOpaque, luster coating
OPROpaque, rainbow
OSLOpal, silver lined
SLSatined, luster coating
SMSLDHalf matted, diyed, silver lined
SPSpecial plating (gildet, siverled and so on)
SPICInside copper plated
SPIGInsinde gold plated
SPNNickel plated
SPNDNickel plated, diyed
SPNRNickel plated, rainbow
SPRSpecial coating (gildet, silvered and so on), rainbow
SRSatined, rainbow
SSLSilk luster, silver lined
TCLTransparent, copper lined
TGLTransparent, luster coating
TGLRTransparent, rainbow, luster coating
TGoLTransparent, gold colored luster coating
TGoLRTransparent, gold colored rainbow coating
TLTransparent, luster coating
TRTransparent, rainbow
TSLTransparent, silver lined
TSLDTransparent, diyed, silver lined
Color durability
(A)Colors which might change and / or fade due to bright sun or deterioration with time.
(B)Colors rubbing off from friction or contact with skin acid.
(C)Colors which will alter or fade from dry-cleaning.

Basically diyed and galvanized beads are less strong in the durability of their colors.

All specifications made by the manufacturer and not mandatory.